Marcelo Concha


Mitchell Sharpe

Recruitment Consultant

Over the last ten years Mitchell has transitioned his career from building up a personal training practice, to having an executive career in real estate in sales and development. Mitchell’s broad background means he has learnt that hard work and commitment is what gets results in life. Because of this, Mitchell works hard for his clients and candidates because he knows that nothing good in life comes easy. Running a PT business taught Mitchell the lessons of resilience and persistence which enabled him to encourage and uplift his clients to help them grow into the best version of themselves. Mitchell has always had a deep passion to help people and this is the deep drive that he still has in his career as a consultant with Reo.
Mitchell has made a move from Real Estate to Recruitment for a few reasons. Recruitment and Real Estate are aligned markets. They deal with people that are looking for more out of life whether that be a new job or a new house. It’s all driven from the same desire for life betterment. Secondly, Mitchell has a strong awareness of the economic changes in the markets because real estate is the first industry to bear the consequences of this. Mitchell loves talking with finance professionals about the economy. Together, Mitchell brings to his candidates and clients a deep passion for people and economics.
As a Consultant with Reo Group, Mitchell works with our clients in the contract and temporary sector to support clients and candidates alike when the pressure is on, a short assignment is needed.
Mitchell’s area of expertise lies in methodologies around:

  • Career development
  • Resume development expert
  • CBI Training
  • Personal brand awareness development
  • Assistant Accountants / Financial Accountants
  • AP/AR/Payroll